My name is Darlene Wetherington and I am a certified Functional Cannabis Coach. I help people identify and move toward their personal goals by recognizing what is good in their lives but also to guide them through challenges and mindsets that hold them back from fulfilling their dream of a healthy mind and body.   My main focus is on chronic pain, anxiety, depression, stress and sleep issues.  Are you an individual who suffers chronic pain and want relief? Depression, anxiety and stress plague our society daily.  Are you one of the sufferers? How is your sleep? Are you one of the millions who depend on OTC sleep aids or prescription sleeping pills?

​My programs are NOT for everyone, but if you count yourself as one of the millions who experience any of the above, I can help you IF...

You are actively suffering from chronic pain, depression, stress, anxiety and/or sleeplessness and feel like its keeping you from being present in your life and for your loved ones.

You are an ACTION TAKER who follows directions. That means you're coach-able, decisive, and resourceful. (Don't worry - I won't ask you to do anything crazy or risky)

If you are ready to make gentle, manageable changes in your daily life with the conscious use of cannabis, then I can help you.

​   Book your free call now to discover a new path to feeling good in your body and mind.

​(If that's not you, that's still okay! There are other ways to contact me)

This call is not for you IF:

  1. You just want to get on the phone to ask me a million questions about making tinctures and edibles or have me do some dosage math with you.  I would love to do that with you, but that's a different session.

  2. You just want to know what strain of cannabis is good for what ails you. I offer informational consultations as separate sessions and they can be very helpful for you. My  coaching sessions ask for a much deeper commitment to transformation, making it more impactful and powerful.

Cannabis as medicine is powerful and so are you. If you're ready to tap into your body's intuition, wisdom and strength while having a pleasurable experience in the process, then book a call today to find out what your possibilities are.